Cliffs I: Generating Cliffs - NemPosted: Jul 4th, 2003 - 12:01:39 am

This tutorial series goes through the basic steps needed to create a cliff based level for Half-Life.

Cliffs II: Texturing Cliffs - NemPosted: Jul 3rd, 2003 - 11:48:43 pm

This tutorial covers some of the basic tools TG provides for texturing your terrain.

Cliffs III: Your Cliffs In Hammer - NemPosted: Jul 3rd, 2003 - 11:35:08 pm

This tutorial covers what to do with your Terrain Generator created terrain in Hammer.

Terrain Generator Map Files - NemPosted: Jul 1st, 2003 - 3:38:42 pm

This tutorial details the Terrain Generator Map File format.

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Making A Cave - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 11:03:17 pm

This tutorial covers the one method of creating caves with Terrain Generator. This is a good tutorial for beginners as it covers most of Terrain Generator's features.

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