GCFScape v1.1.0 Beta - NemPosted: Mar 10th, 2004 - 1:52:59 pm

I've uploaded another version of GCFScape with several additions, you can download the new GCFScape here and view the revisions here.

I've made several changes so GCFScape will remain in beta for now, if no problems arise I will re-release it as a mature application. If you find any bugs please let me know here.

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1. Fat-BoyPosted: Mar 12th, 2004 - 7:37:40 am


2. MrconsolePosted: Mar 13th, 2004 - 6:24:42 am

Yo whatīs up....

as you know VALVe are promo CZ and we can pro-loading file condition Zero.GCF now i check the files and may be is new version of GCF or have encryp all files on cache??? what do you think?

i canīt open TGA, WAD and MDL files

3. NemPosted: Mar 13th, 2004 - 9:42:53 am

Can you elaborate on 'can't open'? Specifically what error message do you get?


4. moltPosted: Mar 13th, 2004 - 10:28:11 am

its not just those files, its all of them. They seem to have been encypted, which would make sense, i mean... otherwise they would be giving you a game for free japanease
check out the manual.htm or .res files etc. They aren't normal text (which you would expect) but characters instead. Silly billies slurp

By the way, love these emoticons happy


5. MrconsolePosted: Mar 14th, 2004 - 3:27:28 pm

NEM yeas all FILES are encypted.

how we can make NEW MAPS like this? alarmed

6. NemPosted: Mar 14th, 2004 - 8:27:43 pm

I'll have to take your word for it as I don't have the Condition Zero GCF file and have no intention of downloading it (never been a big CS fan). Anyways it would seem feasible that Valve could encrypt files within GCF files, certainly it would be easy to set a flag indicating that the file is encrypted. One obvious purpose of GCF files was to obfuscate the data they contain to help combat cheaters. This seems hypocritical to me as it severally hampers people who want to develop for HL and after all it was the HL community that made HL what it is today.

So what can be done? I remember when I first started cracking the GCF file format receiving an e-mail from an individual that hinted to the fact that GCF files may be able to contain encrypted files. His explanation was that some individuals who had hexed the GCF files in order to extract files were getting useless data. At the time I attributed this to the fact that no one knew how to defragment the files and that the data was just fragmented to the point that it seemed useless. Once I cracked the defragmentation process I never encountered any encrypted files and I forgot about the incident.

That individual also hinted to the fact that the Steam DLL contains many references to the popular RSA encryption algorithms and claimed that the ClientRegistry.blob file contains a key, possibly the key required to decrypt the files. If the files are encrypted with RSA encryption and they key can be found decrypting the files would be no problem.

So what about moral issues? I'm a big supporter of Valve and though I definitely frown at the path they have decided to take I'm not they kind of guy that would hack this sort of thing. When they obfuscate files to the extent that they are encrypting them they obviously don't want people getting at them. Unfortunately I'm sure a lot of you have legitimate reasons for wanting to access the files, but I won't be responsible for providing a medium for those who obviously have false intents. I have noticed that some people are trying to extract Condition Zero with the belief that they can play it for free.

Anyways, that my two cents,

7. MrconsolePosted: Mar 16th, 2004 - 4:03:11 pm

Yeah, is true i buy CZ because i waiting for long time, but i no like idea the i canīt make my own maps or skins or see those files.

Only i say is good the fresh version CS:CZ canīt be touch for Hacker for do ilegal stuff..

But if i buy something i like to do anything i like because is my...

all this year VALVe go crazy on this Project and make this Game in 2 Partīs but that is no our problem here, but Fanīs are annoying about it..

And that is the proble those Hack for revenge.

I no FAN CS either, i like ALL about computerīs things, i like see how they make it and that all...

I have lotīs of games Testing with Modīs.. lotīs engines Half-life, unreal, Quake and otherīs and Half-life engine is more easy well HL2 engine is different i think ?

And you know that, "VALVe donīt care about i like two do with product they sellīs to me."


you understand me? exhausted

I think that sometimes I speak stupidities bored

8. CyberSuxPosted: Mar 16th, 2004 - 7:30:05 pm

d00d! this proggy are SWEET! NEM... its true... you ARE a god, dawg! keep up teh good works!cool

9. NinjaGrinchPosted: Mar 18th, 2004 - 9:51:21 pm

The find feature is a great addition, and multiple selections was a much needed feature. One feature I was hoping for was to be able to sort the files by name, type, etc. to make for easier browsing, but with find, that's not such a problem anymore. Great job and thanks.

As for the encrypted files in the cz .gcf, I'm REALLY hoping that this is just temporary and that they will be decrypted when the game is released. Otherwise there will be a lot of angry mappers out there...and I'll be one of them!

10. NemModified: Mar 18th, 2004 - 9:57:08 pm

Thats my hope as well, maybe I'll add sorting latter but its kind of an awkward thing to program.


11. ssj_aulePosted: Mar 21st, 2004 - 1:09:21 pm

Hey Nem, I have downloaded the CS:CZ and I can't open it with the GCF Scape. It says it can't open because there isn't a default program associated with it.... what can i do to get CS:CZ to work??? yea thanks get back to me

12. NemPosted: Mar 21st, 2004 - 2:28:01 pm

You mean you can't shell execute a file with it? The cause of the error is self explanatory, to view the file extract it and open it from explorer.

BTW you will find that all files in the Condition Zero GCF file are encrypted and of no use to you.

Lastly, please only ask once in one location; I use the 'Latest Comments' panel on the side to find new questions so I won't miss any.

13. sGompersPosted: Mar 27th, 2004 - 7:10:49 am

I cannot get anything to extract! I am running Windows XP Pro with the .NET framework updated and everything. I can open and view the files, but not extract them.
Screenshot > http://www.thursday.com/TAYLOR/gcf.png <
This is trying to extract CS:CZ material, but it happens with all of the games. Help...

14. NemModified: Mar 27th, 2004 - 9:30:07 am

I did some searching around and I found some info on the bug (very little though, it looks like a Windows or .NET bug). I have no idea if this will work because I don't have the problem, let me know if it does:


15. sammyPosted: Mar 28th, 2004 - 5:34:33 pm

Looking @ the encryption valve did i notice tht these text files are in CHINESE.... unfortunately i cant read chinese but if ur chinses u mite be able 2 "decypt" it by translating.

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