GCFScape v1.3.1 Full - NemPosted: Jan 2nd, 2004 - 4:21:48 pm

GCFScape v1.3.1 - GCFScape and all the files you need to run it (except the .NET Framework).

Download: Runtimes: (Required)

.NET Framework v1.1 (23,698 KB Executable) - GCFScape is written in C++ .NET and as such requires the .NET runtime to run. The .NET runtime is also available as a Windows Update. v1.1 is required.

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91. mytholasModified: Aug 27th, 2004 - 9:21:10 pm

Freddie . . . click on the .gcf file in Windows Explorer instead of opening it up with File...Open in the GCFScape program.


92. KadajPosted: Aug 28th, 2004 - 5:43:03 am

The Half-Life 2 Pre-Load is just that...
Valve are releasing content in Steps, mainly to cut down on server down time.

What you have (which 1.1.5 will open btw) is purely the materials for Half-Life 2.
So for the adverage person this is going to be a waste of time, however if your like myself and have a copy of Worldcraft 3.5 which supports the new Source Material System it means you can extract it, put the files you need in the root folder (bin) and run for complete access to everything you need to finally create maps.

If you also have Counter Strike Source, you'll also have the materials required in order to use the 'not legally' released Binaries floating about the internet.

Although not really legit to do, you won't be able to pirate the game even if you wanted to and had the executables.
Alot of the GCF are given to you missing files, they're declared in the GCF and so is thier space, however the file itself isn't downloaded until you've ordered the game.

93. Freddie MercuryPosted: Aug 28th, 2004 - 1:48:37 pm

"Freddie . . . click on the .gcf file in Windows Explorer instead of opening it up with File...Open in the GCFScape program."

Didn't work. Failed to map GCF file to memory.

94. BluefangPosted: Aug 28th, 2004 - 3:37:16 pm

Well regardless of that fact, you still do not need acess to the exercutibles.

Nem, this is just a personal opnion, but I'd recomend not updating GCFScape to support HL2 until we see how the new editor interfaces with the game/cache files.

95. DrAgOnPosted: Aug 28th, 2004 - 7:13:53 pm

" (which 1.1.5 will open btw) " BS bleeh

96. NemModified: Aug 30th, 2004 - 10:16:28 pm

The problem Failed to map GCF file to memory. could actually be caused by to much RAM. To map a file to memory Windows needs a continuous block of virtual memory that the file can fit in. A 32 bit memory space is limited to 4 GB of memory so the more physical memory you have the less virtual memory you can have. 4 GB is not a lot of memory to work with and is one of the driving factors towards a 64 bit system.

To my knowledge the GCF file format hasn't actually changed. You would get the error messages Invalid GCF version number. or Corrupt file. if it had.

Maybe some of you can help me out by posting how much RAM you have and weather or not you can open the new 1 GB GCF file.

97. leetPosted: Aug 31st, 2004 - 12:10:33 am

haha, i have opened it!! just set your virtual memory to 1100MB and thats it!
there is only materials directory, nothing more

98. aamreinModified: Aug 31st, 2004 - 2:35:19 pm

Hi Nem

First of all thanks for your tools!
I have 2 GBs of RAM, allocated 2 GBs for the pagefile which has a max of 4 GBs set. So I do have enough RAM, but still get the "Failed to map ..." error. I can open all the other GCFs as e.g. the CS:Source Beta without a problem. I copied and renamed the preload file, so Steam couldn't put a lock on it. What should I try to fix the problem? Any help appreciated.

I tried to open the same preload file with the same version of gcfscape on a similiar PC with only 512 MBs of RAM and was able to extract the contents of the preload. So there seems to be a bug in gcfscape when running on machines with lots of RAM. I hope that helps.

It also doesn't work on a machine with 768 MBs of RAM. So 512 MBs seems to be the sweet spot.


99. cirdanPosted: Aug 31st, 2004 - 2:37:08 am

Hi Nem!

There seems to be a problem with files that actually have the size 0. They are not beeing extracted.

Great tool anyway! Continue the good work!

100. KeloranPosted: Aug 31st, 2004 - 5:52:10 am

also the preload uses v7 instead of v6

files of 0 dont actually exist there just index files (linked file to a file that hasnt been d/l yet)

101. NemPosted: Aug 31st, 2004 - 8:46:06 pm

See my post (the one above yours) for an explanation why. Whether you get the error also has to do with how much virtual memory other programs you are running use.

I haven't seen any GCF files with a version number of 7; if you have one can you please sent it to me so I can add support for it?

102. aamreinPosted: Sep 1st, 2004 - 12:19:54 am

Nem, I think every Windows process has its own segment and therefore its own 32 bit virtual address space. So I'm not sure if your explanation is right. Besides, there were no other apps running that consume memory when I tried to peek at the preload's content.

103. warbanModified: Sep 1st, 2004 - 3:12:29 am

Major Possible bug.

Currently the hl2 "base source shared materials.gcf"is not being opened and comming up with an error for some people. (failed to map error)

i was getting the error untill i found out that my deskbar program "object dock".
was stoping gfc from opening while it was running
when i closed it it opened fine.

Possible bug?
is not a large program eather and it was only that program that was causing problems

104. NemPosted: Sep 1st, 2004 - 10:07:41 am

Ok, I've done a little research and this is what I've found. You are right in the fact that every application has its own virtual memory space, however, not all operating systems use this memory space for file mapping. It turns out that both Windows 95 and Windows 98 use a shared memory space for file mapping so if you have other programs running they may take up the memory space that GCFScape needs. In Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP the memory space for file mapping is not shared but is part of the application's virtual memory space.

It turns out that of the 4GB of virtual memory space available only 2GB is available for private use so we only have 2GB of memory space to work of. This means that there is no way to map a file larger than 2GB. It is also important to note that this memory space is also used by the various dynamic memory allocations the program makes and the various libraries the program loads. Because file mapping requires a continues block of virtual memory, larger files (such as the 1GB HL2 preload) will have a very hard time finding sufficient space.

This does not, however, explain why the program seems to work consistently for me and consistently not work for other users.

GCFScape relies heavily on file mapping as it is simply the most logical way to access a GCF file. I may, however, be able to reprogram GCFScape to use two views of the GCF file. One for the data needed to manipulate the GCF file (typically only a few MB), and another to access the individual data blocks within the GCF file (which are 8 KB in size). The cost would be a performance hit on file extraction.

105. NemPosted: Sep 1st, 2004 - 12:04:49 pm

I've done what I suggested above, you can pick up the new version here. Note that the above will not be the final version. It maps a hard coded portion of the file for the header information (if the header is larger then the mapped portion GCFScape will probably crash) but it should work for all current GCF files. Please D/L it and let me know if it works.


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