GCFScape v1.3.1 Full - NemPosted: Jan 2nd, 2004 - 4:21:48 pm

GCFScape v1.3.1 - GCFScape and all the files you need to run it (except the .NET Framework).

Download: Runtimes: (Required)

.NET Framework v1.1 (23,698 KB Executable) - GCFScape is written in C++ .NET and as such requires the .NET runtime to run. The .NET runtime is also available as a Windows Update. v1.1 is required.

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226. BluefangPosted: Oct 31st, 2005 - 5:03:35 pm
You need to ahev steam installed with a user accound that has a valid copy of HL2 & CS:S registered to it. If you don't have HL2, buy a copy. Once you own a copy, you can install it from the My Games panel (or from a CD if it's the boxed retail version).

If you're trying to hack HL2/CS:S, then go away and don't come back.

227. adrenaline8000Posted: Dec 3rd, 2005 - 11:30:59 am
hey, when i try to start up stea-down i always get this message: Steam.exe (main exception): Win32 StructuredException at 0F544C4B : Attempt to write to virtual address 3 without appropriate access rights.

please help me someone i'mexhausted of trying to get it to work

228. NemPosted: Dec 3rd, 2005 - 12:21:55 pm
Jeez, what on this site makes people think it is about cracking Steam? It's not!


229. LightningBoyModified: Dec 4th, 2005 - 7:09:59 am
I'm having some difficulty in extracting specific materials from CS:S for use in DoD. GCF to extract / export the specific materials, then using the VTFedit prog. (which is very cool by the way)
Should I copy or recreate the entire folder, ..in this case DE-Nuke and it's contents, or just the vtf, vtm of the materials I want to use?
They're not showing up in the "metal" material folder when I try just the specific materials.......Clearly,...I'm missing some important step.

I'd make the materials from scratch,...but I can't get that damn TGA to vtex prog. conversion to work either.

Did I mention that mapping used to be easier?......and fun.what

Any good tuts out there on more specific use of your tools?

Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

230. NemPosted: Dec 4th, 2005 - 4:00:57 pm
Are you updating the $basetexture path in the .vmt? You shouldn't need VTFEdit for this, just notepad.

231. LightningBoyPosted: Dec 5th, 2005 - 7:12:13 pm
Would it help if I said, ......I have no idea what your talking about? sad
There aren't enough custom source materials out there in cyberspace yet, so I have to choose from whats already available. Thanks again for the tools to make that possible.
Now if only the DoD dev team would release the necessary portion of the SDK so I wouldn't have to do this whole "work around",...that'd be nice.

But,...I digress.........I want a specific material from CS:S to be in the DoD "metal" materials folder,...........How do I do that?

Thanks (and I've been using TG since your first release.) happy
OH!,...and mapping used to be easier,...but I already said that.exhausted

232. NemPosted: Dec 6th, 2005 - 12:29:17 am
Ok, well, you've probably noticed in the .gcf file that each material has both a .vtf and a .vmt file. You need both to use the material. If you look at say metalbar001a.vmt (in notepad) it will look like:

// Original shader: BaseTimesLightmapAlphaBlend
"$translucent" 1
"$basetexture" "Metal/metalbar001a"
"$surfaceprop" "metal"
"%compilepassbullets" 1
"%keywords" "c17downtown,c17industrial,c17sewers,wasteland"

In this case, the $basetexture tells the engine where to find the .vtf file, specifically the .vtf is in the metal folder and called metalbar001a.vtf (the extension is omitted since all textures are .vtf files and the metal folder is relative to the materials folder (cstrike/materials). So, it follows, if you want to use the same material in DOD, you would have to copy both the .vmt and .vtf to the dod/materials/metal folder. If you do not (say you choose the dod/materials/custom folder) you will have to change the $basetexture to read custom/metalbar001a.

It is important also to distinguish between materials and textures; materials reference textures and provide properties used to render them, textures are simply image data.

233. LightningBoyModified: Dec 6th, 2005 - 7:23:49 pm
Ummm,..yeah,.....I figured that was probably the case.
I can ceratinly understand why,...and how,......but everything related to mapping has gotten so much......... slowersad,.......it's just annoying.

UPDATE,.........90 minutes later.

OK,...that was a really slow and tedius trial and error process before the material finally showed up in Hammer.
BTW,...this is all in an effort to re-release a map originally created for the old HL engine.

I still appreciate the help, and the time you put into making it any easier at all.
Thanks again.

234. LightningBoyModified: Jan 6th, 2006 - 10:05:03 pm
Have I mentioned that this used to fun,...it's becomming a chore I'd just like to have done already. bored
Any tutorials on the folder / file structure for map preperation for distribution? what

235. NemPosted: Jan 6th, 2006 - 1:42:23 pm
If you are distributing a map with custom content, you might want to check out Rof's Pakrat which embeds the content in your .bsp. I'm not sure if the bug where embedded models wouldn't work has been fixed though (with the Source engine, not the tool).

As for where everything goes, its best just to examine the structure of an existing MOD (though GCFScape). More less, materials and textures go in the materials folder and models go in the models folder (though their materials go in the materials folder). Everything should be in a subfolder, i.e. you should never have "materials/mymaterial.vmt", instead, "materials/myfolder/mymaterial.vmt".

236. sparky-07Posted: Jan 13th, 2006 - 9:30:42 am
maybe it's just me, i don't know, but when I try to open the installer i get an error that says "The setup files are corrupted. Clease obtain a new copy of the program"

I tried to use the archive instead, but when winZip tried to open it i got a similar error that says "Cannot open file: It does not appear to e a valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again."

I re-downloaded both files and i still get the same errors. Is it just me who's having the problem? or everyone?

237. NemPosted: Jan 13th, 2006 - 8:46:47 pm
I've tested both files and verified that they are not corrupt. Every once and a while someone reports a problem like this and it always ends up being a problem on their side.

238. sparky-07Modified: Jan 15th, 2006 - 3:54:27 am
damn...well, thanks for checking exhausted

[UPDATE] Hey, whadya know?! It's working!! haha!happy

239. GUNNER WOLFPosted: Jan 15th, 2006 - 5:38:49 pm
HELP NEM i cant open any files it was working fine last night HELP

240. NemPosted: Jan 16th, 2006 - 6:03:28 pm
Well, what error message do you get?

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