MAP Viewer v1.0.1 Full - NemPosted: Oct 9th, 2003 - 6:06:06 pm

MAP Viewer v1.0.1 (74 KB Zipped) - MAP Viewer and all the files you need to run it (except the .NET Framework).

Download: Runtimes: (Required)

.NET Framework v1.1 (23,698 KB Executable) - MAP Viewer is written in C++ .NET and as such requires the .NET runtime to run. The .NET runtime is also available as a Windows Update. v1.0 is required but v1.1 is the latest.

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1. nickPosted: Aug 8th, 2003 - 12:44:52 pm

That didn't run by me yelling

2. NemPosted: Aug 8th, 2003 - 1:19:03 pm


3. santi69plPosted: Sep 25th, 2003 - 8:22:13 am


4. mage111Posted: Sep 29th, 2003 - 6:07:53 am

hey nem, just a general question really.
Im curious, will you support HL2 when it releases with some/most of your programs? or do you have any other plans for HL2?


5. NemPosted: Sep 29th, 2003 - 9:47:35 am

Thats the plan, I really want to see what TG will be able to do with the HL2 engine and BC already is dynamic enough to support any compile tools as long as it has a specification file for them.

Odd place to post a question though...

If I have time I'd like to do a whole editor, but at the moment I'm realy busy.

6. mage111Posted: Oct 3rd, 2003 - 6:42:03 pm

yeah i know, i wasnt exactly sure where to ask it, meh, delete if you wish ;p

7. DragemisPosted: Oct 23rd, 2003 - 3:52:04 am

It freezes as soon as I click "open" sad


8. NemPosted: Oct 24th, 2003 - 6:02:46 pm

Hum, I remember someone else complaining of exactly the same thing. I have no idea why this happens, the code is correct as far as I can tell. Maybe a bug with the .NET framework?


On a side note you should be able to open your .map files by right clicking on the file and selecting MAP Viewer to open the file with.

9. jo_hn2003Posted: Feb 17th, 2004 - 2:34:17 am

mapviewer cant open .bsp files ?
to cs how can i gett a program that can make cs maps and open pleas awnser then i willbe soo happy if you do that
awnser to my email and if you can cant you send me a program ?
Bye Bye
and by the way this site rocks !!!!! :)

10. NemPosted: Feb 17th, 2004 - 1:33:18 pm

MAP Viewer only opens .map files, what you want is a BSP Viewer such as BSP_View. Note that BSP_View is a legacy application that does not work with Steam.

11. NoBodyModified: Jun 25th, 2004 - 3:43:25 pm

i am having the same frezz on open bug where but shell executing works as dose the resent list.

Map viewers camerea hase the same bug as the one in bsp viewr, it move x2 speed on z axis (up down)

a nother "bug" i found is that the info will become blacks if draw selected is not set.

support transparency.
make a options window wher you can set most of the stuff in mv.ini
Camera.Speed should be lowered to somthing like 0.75
Fog.End = the "MaxRange" from the map file

i also sugest that you treat the bevel texture the same way as null (bevel is a textur tool used in the >p12 compileres)

12. warlord_x8Posted: Jul 29th, 2004 - 4:30:32 am

ýt ýs very break

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