leray20 - Le Ray - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 7:43:41 pm
Europa Base 468 Author: Le Ray
Map Title: Europa Base 468
Author's Homepage: Le Ray's Quake 2 Maps
Author's E-Mail: quake2leray@hotmail.com

Description: A Quake 2 level.
Modified: Mar 4th, 2004 - 10:49:48 am[ 32935 Views ]

1. vynumPosted: Sep 7th, 2003 - 9:38:22 pm

Le Ray,


1ST PROBLEM: I can't texture my terrain for quake2 maps using *.wal How did you do this?

2ND PROBLEM: Exporting *.map for editing in Quark Army Knife. Quark defualts the map that I created using TG as a Quake 1 (one) map. How do I export a .map file from TG in quake2 format so I can do further editing in Quark Army Knife?

I am currently making a terrain for quake2. I am using the latest build of TG. Terrain Generator doesn't support the *.wal format. Only *.wad formats. Also, exporting the terrain I make in TG seems to be in quake 1 format. Quark Army Knife reports this. How ever it will let me open up the map and view it in WIRE MODE. I just can't view it in TEXUTRE MODE or OPEN GL because of all this.

Your help or anyone elses will be greatly apprecietatd.

NOTE TO AUTHOR: Since Half-Life is derived or should I say built upon the Quake2 engine, and since there are many quake2 map makers still around making maps and players playing quake wouldn't it be just natural to incorperate support in TG to support Quake 2? It only seems like the right thing to do. I know it hasn't been much demand for it, but hell I've been playing quake for 3 years now and I just stumbled onto your website. Haven't you thought that maybe people just dont know about your website or program yet?

Please incorperate support for Quake2 in Terrain Generator.


2. NemPosted: Sep 8th, 2003 - 6:13:52 pm

TG supports .wal textures if they are in a folder on your hard drive (currently .pak files are not supported).

Every single Quake based game has it's own unqiue .MAP format, but all you need is the texture information which the Quake 1 standard includes. In QuArK it is easiest to Start a new Quake 2 level, open the terrain TG created, and copy and paste the geometry from one level to the other.

I'm not even sure how QuArK differentiates between .MAP files, I think it may be in one of the comments it inserts into the .MAP files.

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