up_pipeline - Nemesis - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 7:28:39 pm
Arctic Pipeline

Arctic Pipeline
Author: Nemesis
Map Title: Arctic Pipeline
Author's Homepage: Nem's Tools
Author's E-Mail: ryansgregg@hotmail.com

Description: Little piece I worked on for the Uncrossable Parallels mod to showcase Terrain Generators capabilities. This was made with one of the very fist versions of TG, 1.0.1 I belive. Its come a hell of a long way since I first created this map. You can expect the map in the first beta of UP's release.
Modified: Jul 2nd, 2003 - 11:27:13 am[ 24646 Views ]

1. LamPosted: Dec 22nd, 2003 - 11:26:26 am

nice map

2. GriffinPosted: Apr 28th, 2004 - 4:39:43 pm

lol man....i started making a map similiar to that "pipeline/canyon kinda thing then i come in here and see you've made one already except not for Counter Strike just wondering would u be mad if still finished my map without thinking i copyied u

3. NemPosted: Apr 29th, 2004 - 7:28:03 pm


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