Not Dead Yet - NemPosted: Apr 1st, 2008 - 6:43:20 pm

I haven't had a lot of opportunities to work on my tools these past few months, but today I finally made a effort to get updated versions of VTFLib/VTFEdit, the Photoshop VTF Plug-In and the Paint.Net VTF Plug-In out. Along with support for v7.4 of the VTF format, VTFEdit has been updated to include a custom author information resource (credit Jed for the idea).

virtuAMP has also recently seen an update adding several new standard effects.


1. EverestPosted: May 14th, 2008 - 10:39:05 am
A plugin for GIMP would also be nice.

2. Reck1929Posted: Oct 29th, 2018 - 3:38:44 am
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