VTF Plug-In for Paint.NET - NemPosted: Mar 10th, 2007 - 5:59:31 pm

VTF Plug-In is a 32 bit/64 bit Paint.NET file format plug-in for the .vtf file format. It is a simple plug-in that supports single-frame/multiple-frame, 3 or 4 channel .vtf files in any format. It is designed for typical .vtf creation and viewing and does not contain the advanced features found in VTFEdit. Nonetheless, it can be a useful tool for creating simple .vtf files.


VTF Plug-In

Download: Revision History:

  • Added support for version 7.5 of the VTF format.
  • Added x64 support.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.3.0.
  • Added support for version 7.4 of the VTF format.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.2.7.
  • Added support for version 7.3 of the VTF format.
  • Added version option.
  • Upgraded to VTFLib v1.2.6.
  • Image data allocation for animated files no longer done on the stack.
  • Fixed flags not saving at all.
  • Improved automatic flag selection.
  • Original build.
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1. INsaneModified: Mar 19th, 2007 - 4:46:05 am
Oh well done :) I have not got time to try now but I will try it after work.

EDIT: Tried it...works great, made a quick 'Player ID Icon" for dod:s in about 2 mins flat... thank you very much :)

2. VradashPosted: Mar 26th, 2007 - 12:03:10 am
Wooow, works great! :) Thank you! :D

3. NoBodyPosted: Oct 3rd, 2007 - 7:29:23 am
This works grate even better then the photoshop one or did you update it to some of the same functionality?

Animating using layers is somthing i have been wanting for ages.

4. NemPosted: Oct 5th, 2007 - 7:38:12 pm
The differences between the two arise from differences between the two APIs, that is, the Paint.Net API is far easier to work with than the old Photoshop API.

5. STUARTPosted: Oct 25th, 2007 - 12:23:06 pm
PDN doesn't appear to recognize the new version (there is no .VTF listed in its open dialog, etc). For reference, I'm on XP x64.

6. STUARTPosted: Oct 28th, 2007 - 6:37:50 am
Doesn't work in Vista 64 either. I don't get why this is the only file type that doesn't work on x64.

7. icklePosted: Jun 21st, 2008 - 4:39:26 pm
i must be going dense in my old age...but i cannot for the life of me get the .vtf plugin's to actually allow me to open up a .vtf file !! Says it is not supported!! Any help ?

other than that its really good !! cool

8. NemPosted: Jun 21st, 2008 - 5:55:30 pm
What operating system are you using?

9. BumGravyPosted: Sep 10th, 2008 - 10:10:19 am
Is there a way to save textures with an alpha layer? It doesn't seem to work using Paint.NET so I thought this plugin might help. I have two layers open and save as VTF, it doesn't ask me to merge the layers first so it seems it will save the VTF with the alpha layer included, but when I open the VTF the alpha layer is blank.

I hae also tried merging the layers before saving but with same result.

10. BumGravyModified: Sep 10th, 2008 - 11:36:14 am
Never mind I managed to embed the alpha channel with TGAtool2

11. GizmoTheGreenModified: Oct 28th, 2008 - 1:42:50 pm
Im on Vista 64 bit and the plugin doesnt seem to work here either.

does this allow us to open VTF's too? or just save?

12. NemPosted: Oct 30th, 2008 - 1:02:08 am
The plug-in is 32 bit because of a dependency on a 32 bit NVIDIA library. It won't work on 64 bit Pain.Net installations.

13. SteveCentraPosted: Dec 31st, 2008 - 3:25:19 pm
I remember using the plugin successfully a few months ago but now when I try to save my VTFs, PDN crashes... I use Vista 32 bit. Maybe a problem caused by a new version of PDN?

14. seranottiPosted: Apr 14th, 2009 - 1:23:05 pm
Hey, I'm trying to use paint.net for making TF2 skins, I know I used the GCFscape and VTFEdit program properly to extract the skin I wanna change, yet when I open it up everything shows up as a transparency. Is there a setting I need to switch paint.net to or is the transparency normal, and how am I to change the colors when they aren't even the true colors. Please Advise shrug

15. seranottiPosted: Apr 14th, 2009 - 1:33:38 pm
Never mind what I said, I found a way around it being a transparency, for anyone having trouble the way I did, just go into the VTFEdit program and copy the whole thing, then paste into paint.net and it will not be transparent. you will probably end up saving it as a bmp or jpeg. But if you have VTFEdit just convert it back into a VTF format.


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