Crafty v1.0.0 Alpha 13 - NemPosted: Jan 20th, 2007 - 7:31:11 pm

I've released v1.0.0 Alpha 13 of Crafty, a release which adds several missing features bringing Crafty significantly closer to leaving the alpha stage. The latest build can be found here. Some important notes:

  • Due to changes in the lightmap generation code for Source VBSP files, upgrading users should make sure to set the Gamma for Source VBSP files to 2.2 in Object Viewer's Options (found under the Setup menu).
  • Users who were experiencing problems with fonts should insure that the Engine.FontDriver setting in Object Viewer's INI file (ov.ini) is set to Sprite, or, as a last resort, Null. If you cannot find this setting, run Object Viewer once beforehand.
  • Dynamic Lighting is very much a work in progress. I've added shader support to Crafty to better simulate how the Source engine dynamically lights models, but the improved dynamic lighting pipeline wont be available unto the next release.

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