Crafty v1.0.0 Alpha 13 - NemPosted: Jan 20th, 2007 - 6:57:20 pm
  • Added dynamic VBSP lighting.
  • Added VMT Cloud shader support.
  • Added VBSP and VMF fog.
  • Added basic Half-Life 1 MDL exportation.
  • Added basic OBJ MTL read support.
  • Added form location and size saving.
  • Added validation support to File System Browser.
  • Added time estimate to File System Browser.
  • Added pausing to File System Browser.
  • Added verbose mode to File System Browser.
  • Added find next to Console.
  • Added sprite font support.
  • Added drag n' drop functionality to Object Viewer.
  • Improved VBSP lightmap generation.
  • Improved render loop.
  • Improved File System Browser tree managment.
  • Improved primitive rendering performance.
  • Improved material proxy management.
  • Fixed VBSP PVS decompression bug.
  • Fixed OBJ indexing bug.
  • Updated to HLLib v2.0.6.

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