Site Problems - NemPosted: Oct 14th, 2006 - 1:51:13 pm

Some of you might have noticed a couple problems with my site over the past few days, these problems stemmed from a recent reformat of The WaveLength's server and seem to be all under control at this point. My apologies for any lost comments/registrations.

In unrelated news, I was looking at adding a fragmentation property to HLLib the other day when I noticed something quite odd. It seems the defragmenter built into Steam does little defragmentation at all. In fact, by my calculations, the majority of my GCF files that have seen regular updates are between 2% and 10% fragmented with individual files up to 15%. This is after I run Steam's defragmenter which happily informs me that my GCF files are at 0% fragmentation. (No wonder the thing's so fast.)

These numbers have a huge negative impact on performance. HLLib, which is not optimized for sequential reading, can surpass 50 MB/s (very close to the practical maximum of my hard drive) on unfragmented files, but often performs as slow as 8 MB/s on heavily fragmented files. Practically I would expect a speed up of 1.5 to 2.0 times with proper defragmentation. For these reasons I have been working on adding a defragmentor to HLLib (and subsequently GCFScape).

I've also been hard at work on Crafty, adding real time dynamic lighting for models. This will hopefully lead to more accurate lighting for models as well as normal mapping and other more advanced lighting features.


1. WunderboyPosted: Oct 17th, 2006 - 1:09:16 pm
I assume you've reported this to Valve? ;)

BTW good job on Crafty - I know a lot of people are looking for an alternative to HLMV because it keeps getting fubar'd with SDK updates.

BTW, regarding Crafty and lighting - I actually had a long discussion with someone at Valve and got info on how exactly all the lighting is done and how it's built up. I'll fire some info over to you when I get all the stuff I was sent sorted out.

2. NemPosted: Oct 19th, 2006 - 3:09:06 pm
Any hints on lighting are always welcome. I've got it working, but it still needs a fair bit of tweaking to get it to match what the Source engine produces and some optimizations.

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