Terrain Generator v2.1.0 - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 5:17:24 pm
  • TG-Tools - New Mountain/Valley tool added. (Quite dissimilar to the Raise/Lower tool.)
  • TG-Tools - New Noise tool added.
  • TG-Tools - Random Noise Pass button added.
  • TG-Tools - Option to ignore locked points without having to remove them.
  • TG-Tools - Option to highlight all directly effected squares on all tools (Except the Mountain/Valley tool).
  • TG-Tools - Smooth And Raise/Lower tools accelerate vertex movement on vertecies that are way off the average.
  • TG-Tools - Touch Up Keys (Page Up and page Down) lock selected triangle when in use, they also override mouse movement.
  • TG-Tools - Option to show coordinates of locked points in 3D window.
  • TG-Misc - New tool icons.
  • TG-Misc - Highlight option not being remembered fixed.

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