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Crafty is a 3D object, material, model and file browsing utility targeted towards Half-Life modders or enthusiasts looking for a Steam Independent application for quick previews. It currently supports Half-Life 2 .bsp, .mdl, .vmf and .gl formats along with Half-Life .bsp, .mdl, .map and .rmf formats in a variety of render modes.


Object Viewer

Object Viewer

Object Viewer

Object Viewer

File System Browser

Material Browser

Model Browser


  • View Half-Life 2 .bsp, .gl, .mdl and .vmf files.
  • View Half-Life 1 .bsp, .map, .mdl and .rmf files.
  • View .obj and .skp files.
  • Textured, solid, x-ray, wireframe and point render modes.
  • Toggle occlusion, frustum and backface culling.
  • Scene freezing.
  • Export all formats and materials to .obj.
  • Browse and export from GCF and other package formats.
  • Browse and export materials.
  • Browse and export models.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • 100% free.

Hidden Features:

Crafty is designed foremost as an object viewer, but it also contains several useful features that can be invoked externally. For example, Crafty's File System Browser, Material Browser and Model Browser can all be invoked with special command arguments. To view one or more packages in File System Browser simply use: Crafty.exe -fsb -mount [package 1] -mount [package 2] ... . To view one or more packages in Material Browser simply use: Crafty.exe -msb -mount [package 1] -mount [package 2] ... . To view one or more packages in Model Browser simply use: Crafty.exe -mb -mount [package 1] -mount [package 2] ... . For example, if you wanted to view thumbnails of the materials in source materials.gcf you would use Crafty.exe -msb -mount "source materials.gcf". If you are familiar with Windows you can also add shortcuts to these features in the system context menu.

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61. NemPosted: Nov 13th, 2006 - 4:26:50 pm
Crafty exports a texture per material even though some materials use the same texture. It just occurred to me that the problem is probably exaggerated by VBSP which modifies existing materials, creating several new ones with different environment maps (which are stored in the BSP). This is probably what's causing what you've described.

To remedy this I can add an option to export only textures as materials, or force the materials to reference the same texture. If you're using .vtf files in your modeling package, I can also add the ability to export these (instead of .tga etc.).

FYI, if you open the .mtl file Crafty exports in Notepad, you can see the full path to the original material that the exported material was generated off of in the comments.

62. StinoModified: Nov 14th, 2006 - 2:20:33 pm
well, i have mounted my source materials.gcf, so its much easier if it references to the materials/folder/material.vtf, than to tga files, wich are only diffuse maps and vtf is much more, and its easier to find the corresponding normalmaps, spectacular masks, ... (or maybe this could also be scripted into the exporter? if the wavefront material library supports it of course :D) it whould help a lot if you want to create a high detail cinematic of your level.

or a little easier, max can find files on your computer if he knows the filename, but at the moment that's even unknown to max

that multiple material exists only on world geometry, and indeed, occurs only on levels where buildcubemaps is executed :D

(every material that has been set to None was a duplicate)

63. NemPosted: Nov 15th, 2006 - 1:05:37 pm
I'll see what I can do to improve material exportation for the next release, but the MTL format is still the main limiter. OBJ is well supported (which is why I use it) but not very flexible. As I said before I'll add support for more flexible formats when I get Crafty to an appropriate state (suggestions are always welcome).

Also, VTF files are just diffuse maps, nothing more.

64. Makkalakka2kPosted: Nov 21st, 2006 - 10:51:01 am
Export .map and .vmf doesn't work for me. Any idea how i can fix this?

65. NemPosted: Nov 21st, 2006 - 1:00:07 pm
Export .map and .vmf only export brush objects, as such it is only for converting .map to .vmf and vice versa. If you want to decompile a .bsp you'll need another tool.

66. MaxunitPosted: Dec 6th, 2006 - 3:42:39 pm
Heyo guys.

I tried this nice app and it works fine with loading maps and so on..but if I load a .bsp file and export it as a .vmf file, then i get an empty .vmf o.O....what am I doing wrong? Should i decompile the hl1 map and load the .map file and then re-export it with Crafty as a .vmf?



67. NemPosted: Dec 6th, 2006 - 6:19:40 pm
The .vmf exportation is for converting .map files to .vmf and vice versa. If you want to decompile Source .bsp files, try VMEX. There are also a couple of tools for decompiling Half-Life 1 .bsp files listed on Valve's Wiki.

68. monkmonk02Posted: Dec 11th, 2006 - 8:23:39 am
I had a question:

I'm playing Dark Messiah right now what is a masterlijk game
but I want to export the .MDL files from Dark messiah into
3Dsmax8 and convert it toe .NIF for use in the game
TES4 Oblivion is this posible

becouse I had a problem befor with a simmular program
with told me Halflife 2 uses .MDL v37 and I need
.MDL v44 for Dark Messiah .MDL files

Dose Crafty suport .MDL v44 Files

69. NemPosted: Dec 12th, 2006 - 12:06:30 pm
No, Crafty does not support Dark Messiah .bsp or .mdl files currently. Arkane Studios made several changes to both formats.

70. SetsnaPosted: Dec 16th, 2006 - 7:01:53 pm

i have a little problem with crafty,

i have already exported cs 1.6 maps and used them in c4d, but when i try to export a cs 1.6 model, i get the error

Error: CModel::GetPrimitive() not implemented.

PS: Sry if my english sucks, i'm from austria^^

71. NemPosted: Dec 17th, 2006 - 1:53:23 pm
I haven't completed Half-Life 1 .mdl support yet, so .mdl exportation hasn't been implemented. There is an old Half-Life 1 tool called MDLDec that can decompile .mdl files for you. It's hard to find, but I found a working download here.

72. SetsnaPosted: Dec 17th, 2006 - 5:09:09 pm
mhmm, this mdldec is no more on there servers, i can't download it, are there any ways to get the models as 3ds or obj files.
I don't need even the bones, only textures!

I have also used milkshape, but i cant save it as 3ds, i get the error, no model empty!!

73. SetsnaPosted: Dec 17th, 2006 - 5:11:20 pm
sry, the error is, the model is empty

74. NemPosted: Dec 17th, 2006 - 7:07:10 pm
This link (from the site I posted) works for me. Crafty doesn't yet support animations which are necessary for Half-Life 1 .mdl exporting. I will add this eventually, but right now there are just too many other things on my plate.

75. StinoModified: Dec 30th, 2006 - 6:04:58 am

Also, VTF files are just diffuse maps, nothing more.

their alpha maps are very important since you don't export them to tga's :D
and its easier to find a corresponding normalmap when you know the vtf's name instaid of just knowing the material number :D

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