Terrain Generator v2.0.0 - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 5:15:27 pm
  • TG-General - Total rewrite with tones of optimizations.
  • TG-General - New faster coordinate system.
  • TG-General - .TGM file type revised to binary format for large loading and saving speed increases.
  • TG-General - Collision improved.
  • TG-Tools - All tools heavily optimized.
  • TG-Tools - Raise Lower tool now has 'smart' code to help keep the terrain smooth during alterations.
  • TG-Tools - Smooth Tool now slowly smoothes terrain in accordance with radial or linear based threshold code.
  • TG-Tools - In editor Smoothing Pass almost instantaneous.
  • TG-Tools - 'Touch Up' tool added for single vertex manipulation. PageUp and PageDown keys can also be used with it.
  • TG-Tools - 'Touch Up' tool can also be used to lock vertices from moving. Simply Press 'L' when the desired vertex is selected to lock it.
  • TG-Tools - Locked vertices are saved.
  • TG-Tools - New flatten radiuses added.
  • TG-Tools - Smart move configuration options.
  • TG-Tools - Three level undo.
  • TG-Tools - Tool info box added.
  • TG-Export - Terrain can be exported as any style. And changed any time.
  • TG-Export - New 'Best Fit' exportation style that faces the hypotenuse of the triangles with that of the contours of the terrain. Where possible squares are exported too.
  • TG-Export - Export terrain as ground or cave.
  • TG-Export - Export .BMP height maps of terrain.
  • TG-Rendering - New solid and wireframe mixture rendermode.
  • TG-Generation - All new map generation options heavily optimized.
  • TG-Generation - You can specify the dimensions of the terrain in triangles now.
  • TG-Generation - Three new smoothing modes added (Linear, Radial With Oversampling, Linear With Oversampling).
  • TG-Generation - Fractal 'Random Seeding Only' option added.
  • TG-Generation - New fractal Diamond Algorithm for creating realistic hilly terrain.
  • TG-Generation - Many new options for the Diamond Algorithm.
  • TG-Generation - Invert Colors option added to height map generation.
  • TG-Misc - Make use of the new True Vision 5.7.1 engine for faster fps and more compatibility.
  • TG-Misc - Recent TGM menu increased to 8.
  • TG-Misc - Memory leak fixed.
  • TG-Misc - A million little things I know I've forgot.

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