About Terrain Generator - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 4:04:41 pm

Nem's Mega 3D Terrain Generator is a relatively new terrain generator that takes a step in a completely different direction. Unlike traditional generators where the user must depend solely on the generators generation abilities, this generator gives its users complete 3D control over what their terrain looks like. Users start off with a flat piece of landscape, then add to it with one, or a combination of many powerful generation options. They then have several tools at their disposal to literally grab the terrain and pull it as they want it. The terrain can be saved as a .tgm file for latter use and exported to a .map file for use in any map editing programs for Quake engine based games such as Half-Life. Additionally terrain can be exported as a .t3d for use in UnrealEd or a .rmf or .vmf file for use in Hammer or any number of other supported formats.


Terrain Generator

Terrain Generator

Terrain Generator

  • Full 3D control over the appearance of your terrain.
  • Nine tools to help you shape your terrain.
  • Fractal terrain generation via eleven unique configurable algorithms.
  • Heightmap terrain generation.
  • Multi level Undo, Redo and Revert.
  • Four render modes: Textured, Solid, Wireframe, and Points.
  • Several different styles of lightmaps.
  • Lots of additional display options.
  • Save your terrain as a .tgm file for latter editing.
  • Exports to .vmf, .map, .rmf, .t3d, .dxf, .obj, .smf, .txt, .bmp and .jpg file formats.
  • Ability to export hint brushes along with your terrain for polygon reduction in Quake engine based games.
  • Texture browser.
  • Simple vertex locking.
  • Recent .tgm file menu.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • 100% Free.
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16. billPosted: Feb 8th, 2005 - 12:58:23 am
when i try to find textures there are no .wads anywhere and its all it will allow me to search for, im probably the only one having this problem, so how do i get textures to work?

17. billPosted: Feb 8th, 2005 - 1:01:35 am
oh and wads didnt come with it, there are none in any half life 2 folders that i can find, sorry about the double i just realized i didnt clarfiy to well

18. NemPosted: Feb 8th, 2005 - 11:28:30 am
You can edit comments...

Anyways, Terrain Generator does not support Source materials. I will probably add support for .vtf files latter but no more. To find out how to view Source materials in the current Terrain Generator see http://www.chatbear.com/board.plm?a=viewthread&t=424,1102888916,7007&id=752365&b=4989&v=flatold&s=0]this thread (scroll down to my big post).

In reality Terrain Generator needs a rewrite because it just wasn't designed to handle the Source engine. The Source engine was but a dream when Terrain Generator was programmed.

19. billPosted: Feb 8th, 2005 - 12:52:40 pm
ok, it was late so i wasnt thinking clearly, thanks pal

20. Stu L TissimusPosted: Feb 8th, 2005 - 1:15:18 pm
Hi there,

First of all, this is an extremely nice program, I love it. Before I tried out Source modding, I did quite a lot of stuff for Battlefield 1942.

I was playing around with your program, and noticed that the terrain generator has a heightmap option. Being a BF42 modder, I wanted to see if this worked - If so, then it would be pretty easy to port maps I did over to Source.

However, the heightmap option doesn't seem to work for me, even with a heightmap generated from the map in Terrain Generator itself. ;_; Is there something special I need to do or is it just broken for now?

21. NemPosted: Feb 8th, 2005 - 5:40:45 pm
Can you describe to me what you are doing to import the heightmap?

22. Stu L TissimusPosted: Feb 9th, 2005 - 1:55:30 pm
Okay, lemme go through the entire process.

1) Start new 48x48 map, triangles are at size 160.
2) Edit -> Push Revert
3) Make one or two changes to the map likeraising up one square (Purely for debugging!)
4) File -> Export -> Heightmap (Saved as a bmp)
5) Ctrl-Z back to the original.
6) Terrain -> Generate
7) Get rid of any checked off things excluding heightmap in the heightmap tab
8) Select the bitmap
9) Press generate

And then nothing. ;_;

23. Stu L TissimusPosted: Feb 9th, 2005 - 1:56:32 pm
Yay, I figured it out. When the scale is set to 1, it doesn't do anything. :D

24. NemPosted: Feb 9th, 2005 - 5:22:03 pm
It could have been that your grid was so coarse the terrain was getting knocked to 0. If this is a Source map you might want to turn the grid off. (Terrain->Snap To Grid->None). Most height maps need to be scaled because a greyscale heightmap can only represent 256 height levels.

25. thebeebsterPosted: May 14th, 2005 - 12:37:20 pm
Hi nem i was sorta wondering if it is possible to edit the gcf s. like take files right out and put your own in?package

26. Chris CunninghamPosted: May 19th, 2005 - 7:01:41 am
Hi Nem; cool tool, and it does most of one I was planning to write (and a whole bunch i hadn't considered). What's the chances of you releasing the source for Terrain Generator, under the GPL or BSD licences or something?

27. NemPosted: May 19th, 2005 - 1:45:14 pm
TG v3? No chance, it's code is to embarrassing (this was my very first C# application). I am considering open sourcing TG v4 though. It is currently sitting at a 40% completion mark.

28. newbie mapperPosted: Jul 16th, 2005 - 3:52:39 pm
Where can I get the link for this Terrain Generator? lazy

29. ellisdPosted: Aug 23rd, 2005 - 10:05:03 am
happy Hey can I use this thing to make a good tattain for JK3 ( Jedi Knight Jedi Academy )? It's Quike 3 based I think! waaa

30. NoBodyPosted: Aug 23rd, 2005 - 12:56:28 pm

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