Terrain Generator v1.3.1 - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 5:08:26 pm
  • TG - Radial smoothing pass button added for in editor smoothing passes, has a progress bar and uses the same threshold as the smooth tool.
  • TG - Smooth button's large radius radial smoothing code actually is a large radius.
  • TG - Progress bar for saving, opening, and exporting terrain.
  • TG - Camera configuration form.
  • TG - Program remembers its rendermode (Solid, Wireframe or Points.)
  • TG - Max number of new map Radial Smoothing Passes increased to 45.
  • TG - Program crashing when the triangle length is set to "" fixed.
  • TG - Program not accepting odd numbers for the number of X and Y blocks fixed. It'll accept any values greater then 4.
  • TG - Small memory usage optimizations.

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