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Crafty is a 3D object, material, model and file browsing utility targeted towards Half-Life modders or enthusiasts looking for a Steam Independent application for quick previews. It currently supports Half-Life 2 .bsp, .mdl, .vmf and .gl formats along with Half-Life .bsp, .mdl, .map and .rmf formats in a variety of render modes.

Release Schedule:

As I stated before this is a feature incomplete release meaning that some features targeted towards the final release have yet to be implemented and the software, though stable and capable, is not ready for the general users yet, just those who want to get a head start in the game. I will be releasing updated builds weekly up until the time of the final release (hopefully within the next two months).

System Requirements:

The requirements for Crafty change dramatically depending on what you are trying to do with it, but for general usage (say Source .bsp viewing) the minimum and recommended system requirements can be found here.

Note: There are still several optimizations that need to be made on both CPU and RAM utilization so I expect these requirements to come down in the final release.


To set Crafty up:

  1. Start Crafty.
  2. Select Setup then Options.
  3. Under the File System tab, select your Steam Directory then the User Name whose custom content you wish to use.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Setup then Profiles and select the modification whose content you wish to open.
  6. Click File then Open and load your level. (Alternately you can use the File System Browser in the View menu to load an object from a (GCF) package.)

Selecting a profile loads all the commercial and custom resources associated with the profile. If you wish to load a Counter-Strike level then a Day of Defeat level, you must change profiles in between loads. You can double check which resources are loaded at any time by opening the File System Browser located under the View menu.


If you experience any bugs using Crafty (specifically crashes) please let me know (at 30,000+ lines of code there are bound to be a few). If you think your bug may simply be a feature I have yet to implement, please hold off until the final release. When posting bugs it helps if you can:

  1. Explain what you did to cause the bug and if it is repeatable.
  2. Post any related error message and the stack trace if it is a crash.
  3. Post the log (in the Console) if you believe it contains valuable information (i.e. red text).
  4. Post any relevant system information (CPU, RAM, GPU, OS, Framework Version etc.).


Object Viewer

Object Viewer

File System Browser

Material Browser

Model Browser


Almost forgot! You can download Crafty here.

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61. NemPosted: Dec 10th, 2006 - 4:42:19 pm
I really should emphasize this somewhere because I've had lots of questions about it.

.vmf and .map exportation are only for converting between the two format (e.g. you can load a .map file and export it it .vmf and vice versa, but that's it). The problem with exporting a polygon mesh (like a .obj file or .bsp file) to .map and .vmf is that neither format supports polygon meshes; they use a sort of convex hull brush construction (only defined by planes, not vertexes). There simply is no good way to convert a polygon mesh to a collection of convex hulls.

Lastly (and more just a note), the .obj loading support is fairly limited, it was really only intended for me to test .obj exportation with.

62. MarkusPosted: Dec 10th, 2006 - 5:21:42 pm
There simply is no good way to convert a polygon mesh to a collection of convex hulls.

No good way, but there is a way? Would you care to explain this technique, if you have any knowledge of it? I ask this because I am currently in the process of creating an advanced simulation of a small town for a class, and as I see it Source is the greatest combination of outdoor/indoor environments, and modeling it would be so much more productive. I can manage 'cleaning' it up if its import is garbled, but creating it exclusively through Hammer I'm seeing a very large workload ahead of me. Thanks again!

63. NemPosted: Dec 10th, 2006 - 7:29:13 pm
I meant mathematically. Certainly someone with a strong mathematics background may be able to create a half decent converter (none of which I'm familiar with), but it would be a very difficult problem. If you look at any Half-Life 1 .bsp decompiler you'll see that a lot of the time the output is terrible and unusable without a lot of editing in Hammer. Even if the end result is somewhat usable, it's often very inefficient and performs accordingly. You simply cannot take advantage of the Source engine with a converter.

64. StinoModified: Apr 15th, 2007 - 7:14:25 am
some props are rotated, and mostly it look like those props are prop_dynamic, if i rename a prop_static in hammer to a prop_dynamic i see it rotating 90 and i don't know why, but if i change prop_dynamic back to prop_static this doesn't occur

and as for converting bsp to vmf, do you find vmex a good converter or not? the only thing i dislike about it is that it's java based :(

65. NemPosted: Apr 18th, 2007 - 8:36:59 pm
I've always been under the impression that props appear rotated because they have animations applied to them (Crafty doesn't support animations yet). Are you saying prop_dynamic and prop_statics render differently in Crafty (i.e. one is rotated) than in Hammer? If so, can you provide any more details (which props)?

As for VMEX, I've never actually tried it myself, but it should work decently as Source BSP files contain a lot of information about the original brushes (unlike their Half-Life 1 counterparts).

66. nikkoPosted: Mar 10th, 2012 - 2:39:02 am
Crafty do does not work with Golden Eye: Source.
I can play Golden Eye so I guess it is correctly installed within steam. I enter my login (Crafty is working great with HL2, Counter Strike etc...) but with Golden Eye part of the textures are missing.
Either Crafty loads the original textures only, or the the new one in the mod, but not both of them.

Also one option is not explained the texture VTF extension field in the options, what it is for?

67. Silverwolf_7Posted: Nov 21st, 2014 - 1:11:56 am
I have a Garry's Mod workshop map that I would like to export with this tool. I decompiled the .gma file into a folder with two .bsp files which both hold the same model of the map yet one is twice as large as the other;and three other folders materials, models, and sounds. However when I open one of the .bsp files with crafty the map appears but is a white untextured format. I have added the steam directory and my username and the render settings are correct. Any help would be appreciated.

68. Cyanknight467Posted: Aug 4th, 2016 - 12:59:35 am
Hey, I'm new to this tool and I had a question...i've just started going through my half-Life models to use for a game of mine, and the models are turning out...deformed. I've tried playing with everything I can...but I can't seem to fix it. What do i do?

69. nicosh550Posted: Aug 2nd, 2019 - 10:01:56 pm
Hey i got a problem, i tried to open a .mdl file to export it but for some reason it just crashed a few seconds after i opened it without showing the model.

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