Terrain Generator v1.2.0 - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 5:05:37 pm
  • TG - Hint brush option added. Program remembers what maps you've told it to export the hint brushes to and the textures assigned to the hint brushes (the skip and hint textures). These can also be changed in the map properties form (for compatibility with other games etc).
  • TG - Mixed Style added to the new map form. It's basically a mix of all three styles (X, //, and \\), which I added to make the terrain seem more random.
  • TG - Rewrote Slope Generation code to produce an almost completely flat surface without the weird ridge (the only reason it isn't is because it gets knocked to the grid). The new code is far faster, and the value bar is now out of 256, 256 having a peak at the 4096 limit, and 1 being virtually flat.
  • TG - Sky Box Option added. It works pretty much the same way as the hint brushes.
  • TG - Export Again button added, map remembers where it was last exported to.
  • TG - Pressing "Cancel" in the New Map form loosing the path to the current TGM file fixed.
  • TG - "Save" button not being enabled even though it should be fixed.
  • TG - Program remembers its width and height if not minimized or maximized.
  • TG - In vertex mode, the vertex origin is displayed instead of the triangles origin.
  • TG - Hovering your mouse over the "Steepness" slider bar gives you the angle in degrees and the maximum elevation change.
  • TG - Editor texture Dialog Box altered to show all supported files.
  • TG - Export Filename automatically filled in with TGMname.map.
  • NOTE - The TGM file format has slightly changed, old TGM files will be converted to the new format automatically when next saved but new TGM files will not be compatible with older versions of TG.
  • NOTE - The sky box button adds a bottom brush to the box because using the X/Y axis manipulation button it is possible to create a leak (as the side of the terrain can be made not to be a straight line). If this is not the case in your map I'd recommend you delete it as the bottom faces of all the terrain brushes won't be deleted by zoners if you don't.

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