Terrain Generator v1.1.1 - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 5:03:08 pm
  • TG - Option to generate sloped terrain in the new map form with options of axes, direction, and steepness.
  • TG - New movement mode added to Raise/Lower tool where the ground moves to your mouse as opposed to with.
  • TG - Option to highlight triangles in red. (Works in wireframe too.) In vertex mode a box is drawn around the vertex.
  • TG - Moving the Scroll Wheel on your mouse changes the selected vertex that is used in the raise/lower vertex mode.
  • TG - X/Y axes manipulation code changed to that of the new Raise/Lower code, no options are given, its just easier to use this way.
  • TG - W,A,S,D keys can be used to move now.
  • TG - Undo deleting all the triangles fixed.
  • TG - Configuration button added to toolbar because its pretty useful.
  • TG - Missing icons added.

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