Terrain Generator v1.1.0 - NemPosted: May 26th, 2003 - 5:01:39 pm
  • TG - Option to generate random terrain in the new map form with the options of maximum direct alteration, maximum indirect alteration, direction and frequency of alterations.
  • TG - "Triangle" Or "Vertex" Raise/Lower modes added.
  • TG - Unsaved files now give you the standard Yes, No, Cancel question when a new file is going to be loaded etc.
  • TG - Configuration menu for Raise/Lower and X/Y axis manipulation tool added. Its actually pretty useful, I'd recommend you check it out.
  • TG - Missing configuration menu for smooth tool fixed.
  • TG - ViewFrustum (Distance you can see) changed to almost infinity.
  • TG - If you specify another skybox for the editor, that skybox will also be written to the .map file.
  • TG - Redo button added.
  • TG - Undo code improved.
  • TG - Mip Mapping option added.
  • TG - Temp .tgm files saved as .tmp to avoid confusion.
  • TG - When viewing in point mode the background color is changed to black so you can actually see the points.
  • TG - Limit of five recent files instead of the original four.
  • TG - X/Y Axis Manipulation tool now called that (whoops.)
  • TG - Little saving bug fixed. (Shouldn't effect anything you've already done.)
  • TG - Little startup bug where "New Map" form was quickly loaded then unloaded fixed.

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